If a trading deadline falls in the woods, and nobody knew anything about it was it really a trade deadline? That sums up a totally disappointing day for those that like a little wheeling and dealing. Like me. More unknown players changed ball clubs in the what 5 deals?

If healthy I think the Red Sox did best with Jake Peavy, but come on Jake Peavy is the top target?  I thought with so many teams realistically having a genuine shot at getting a playoff slot teams would be in a more talkative mood, but that wasn't the case.

Bud Norris is the 2nd " biggest name" to get moved. The Orioles trade for another pitcher. YAWN. Where were the Yankees? Why did the Mets hold onto Parnell and Byrd? Why did the Phillies hold onto anyone? I could go across the board, every team, and give you a nugget or more on what each team mostly needs. Easy. And yet we get Jose Iglesias? Seriously?

Not that those 3 players named are bad players but if they are the highlight of the deadline, well that's a wasted deadline. Technically teams can still make deals but players have to go through a waiver process to consummate a deal.

Sorry Ian Kennedy to San Diego, in a bad trade by Arizona, isn't what we baseball fans were hoping for. Hello Texas? Hello Oakland? Teams that knew if they were going to lose a player in the impending suspension announcements didn't seem energized to make a deal.

All in all, safe to say, this dead line was dead!