No I won't forget Duke either. get to them in just a moment. This is called being selfish. My bracket is destroyed thanks to Missouri. Did I have them just to the sweet 16-no. The final 8-no. The final 4-no. I had them winning it all like many did. I am finished and the fun lasted only through the early session on Friday!

What's worse then being ko'd after only 24 games. Nothing!!! So bad was this bracket destruction that even the star of the game for victorius Norfolk State claims his bracket was blown up. Kyle O'Quinn said " we messes up some brackets. We messed up some brackets. I even messed up my bracket". Now that is 1st class funny.

O'Quinn and his mates were incredible. They made every big shot. A team that was shooting 31% from the 3 point line poured in 10 3 balls. O'Quinn finished with 26 big points but he wasn't hardly alone. Pendarvis Williams (who) and Chris McEachin had 20 apiece.

This will be the last time I look past the tiny MEAC conference. There have been 5 2/15 upsets in the history of the 64-68 field tourney. The MEAC is responsible for 3 of those joining Coppin State who took down South Carolina and Hampton who stunned Iowa State.

It should be noted that Misouri didn't play poorly at all. The big 12 champs shot it very well hitting 13 long shots of their own but never led by more then 4 amd that was midwat through the 2nd half.

This was a case of Norfolk State just going out and winning a ballgame-Oh and destroying brackets from coast to coast!