I'm making my predictions today for the 2011 NFL season.  Over the next two days, I'll make my picks for every NFL team.  That's right, I'll give a record for each club.

Today, it's the NFC.

Philadelphia 11 5 Remember, this is a team that finished 10-6.  They got better, right?  Does anyone deny that? Asomough, Rogers-Cromartie and a few stud defensive lineman made the defense stronger.  I like Ronnie Brown as a back-up.  Steve Smith is a solid WR.  It’s a good team – but not invincible.
Dallas 9 7 This is a talented team.  Romo will be healthy this year.  Let’s be honest, they won 6 games last year with 56-year old Jon Kitna.
NY Giants 8 8 They went 10-6 last year.  I challenge anyone to tell me they got better.  Lost Smith, Boss, O’Hara, Seubert, Cofield.  Injuries to Prince & Thomas in defensive backfield aren’t going to help.  Osi will likely miss a month.  They should be happy with 8 wins.
Washington 6 10 You’ve got to tear down the forest before it grows back.  That’s the deal with the Redskins.  A much improved defense.  Their offensive line (a weakness last year) is also improved.  But John Beck or Rex Grossman scares me.  They won’t be horrible – but they’re not a 500 team.

St. Louis 9 7 Sam Bradford came into his own as a rookie.  He’s finally going to have healthy wide receivers this year.  The defense is improved.  St. Louis is a legit 9-win team.
Arizona 8 8 Kevin Kolb makes this team better.  They finally have a legit QB for Fitzgerald.  I’m not super thrilled with their running backs.  Their defense took a bit of a hit with the loss of Rogers-Cromartie.
Seattle 5 11 Tavaris Jackson is the starting QB – enough said.
San Francisco 4 12 Alex Smith is still the quarterback.  Why?  This team wants Andrew Luck.  Their coach was his college coach and would love him in the pros.
Green Bay 12 4 Hard to knock the Super Bowl Champs.  They’ve got one of the best QB’s in the NFL.  They’ve got an attack-style defense.  Good offensive & defensive lines.
Detroit 9 7 The Lions are a trendy sleeper pick – for good reason.  Solid Quarterback (if he can stay healthy), young defensive linemen, I’m not sold on their RB’s but there’s enough talent to win 9 games.
Chicago 7 9 Last year’s Bears were one of the worst playoff teams I’ve ever seen.  Their QB is erratic.  They’re just not a well-built team.
Minnesota 7 9 There’s a reason Donovan McNabb is on his 3rd team in 3 years.  He’s on his last legs.  Great RB in Peterson but they lost a lot of offensive weapons – only WR is Harvin.  I just think the Vikings are a team that could win 7 or win 11.  But I’m going with 7.

New Orleans 11 5 The NFL is a quarterbacks league and the Saints have one of the best in Drew Brees.  They got some more RB depth with Ingram and they improved their defense.
Atlanta 11 5 Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense looks great with tons of weapons.  Atlanta is going to be tough.
Tampa Bay 8 8 I know the Bucs won 10 games last year but they had one of the easiest schedules in the NFL.  Freeman, Blount, Williams – are nice pieces but I think this team comes back to reality this year.
Carolina 3 13 Cam Newton is the starter.  Jimmy Clausen is the back-up. Need I say more?