We're 3 games into the 2011 baseball season and the Red Sox are 0-3.  Yankee fans are loving this while Red Sox fans are ready to write off the season.

Calm down people!!

It's the first weekend of the season.

Yankees 1st baseman Mark Teixeira isn’t going to hit 162 homeruns.  The Orioles won’t finish 162-0 and the Red Sox aren’t going to turn into the Kansas City Royals.  Boston will be fine.

If this losing streak happened in June, no one would care.  If this losing streak happened in two weeks, no one would bat an eyelash.  Everyone is paying attention now so everything is magnified.  The average baseball fan is really into it because it’s new, so everyone is blowing everything out of proportion. 

If you want to start jumping to conclusions, I’ll tell you that Phil Hughes is going to be a trainwreck this year because he’s lost 5 MPH off his fastball in his first start and he’s a bigger concern than AJ Burnett right now.  Again, it was only one start for Hughes - let's make those conclusions after 5-10 starts.

The Red Sox lineup is still deadly.  They have Ellsbury, Pedroia, Crawford, Gonzalez, Youkilis, Ortiz and Drew.  They're going to score a ton of runs.  Their ballpark is the biggest home field advantage in sports.  Gonzalez will hit 40 HR’s there - no problem.  Everyone expected the Red Sox to blowout Texas 14-3 and if they didn’t, that was a failure.

The stats put it in perspective.  Of the past 80 playoff teams, only three have started 0-3.  Statistically, that’s less than a 4% chance of making the playoffs.  But we've only played 1/54th of the season!

The 2007 Sox had six streaks of at least three losses in a row.  In 2004, Boston lost at least 3 straight games four times.  They won the World Series both years.

Take a deep breath and calm down Red Sox fans - it's April 4th!