Nerf John Wick Is My New Favorite Video [VIDEO]
The internet is full of half-ass videos that clearly have nothing of value. This is NOT one of those videos. The production value and sheer amount of Nerf guns alone make this a super fun video. I also love the "John Wick" movie franchise so this is a clear winner to me...
The Rock Goes Beast Mode In His Workout Video NSFW [VIDEO]
Do you need a little gym motivation? How about a video of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson going Beast Mode in the gym? Just a subtle warning the music in the background has multiple curse words so be careful who you watch this with but this video allows you to see why The Rock is one of …
I openly admit I loved Zima. Like any great Romeo and Juliet, the world got in the way of me and my beloved clear malt beverage. Zima was taken off shelves in the United States in 2008. You can still get Zima in Japan, but that's too far for me to reunite with "Zomething Zifferent...
Dude Perfect Pool Trick Shots Part 2 [VIDEO]
I still have trouble believing these tricks are real just because I am a cynic. No matter the reality of the situation, I love these videos. This is the second time they did pool trick shots. In the first one, there was a mistake in which a dude gets hit in the nuts...
Jimmer Dropped 50
Want to hear something not very surprising? Jimmer Fredette dropped 50 points this past weekend for the Shanghai Sharks in the Chinese basketball Association. Granted, the Sharks lost the game to Sichuan, but do we care? Not really. Jimmer still leads the CBA in scoring with nearly 37 points per gam…
MAAC And The Rock In Top Stories [VIDEOS]
Top stories this week are all over the board. We have the phantom hand shake from Jimmy Patsos all the way to a "Feud" between Tom Brady and The Rock.
5) Hall of Fame votes
4) Bud Light Super Bowl Send Off 
3) MAAC issues Statement on Siena Rider incident
2) The Rock Replies to Tom Brady video
Goz Gets Into UFC 205 And The Top Stories [VIDEO]
Lot's of great stuff in the top stories this week. For instance Goz reported live from UFC 205 and his recap is here.
5) U Albany men's soccer team breaks record
4) Kevin Huerter's game winning block 
3) Craig Forth Joins Big Board Sports
2) Goz Live from UFC 205
1) Shooter at Crossgates
Top Stories Have Some Girl Power This Week [VIDEO]
Here are the Top Stories of this week:
5) Scott Hansen of NFL Redzone joins Levack and Goz
4) Female Kicker LAYS OUT returner!
3) High School Punter kicks 100 yard punt
2) 49ers insider Ryan Sakamoto with Levack And Goz
1) Ridiculous youth league football catch
Police Officer Uses Hatred Of Cowboys To Save A Life [VIDEO]
South Carolina Police Officer Micheal Blackmore was called to help a suicidal man sitting on the edge of a bridge early Saturday morning. Blackmore was able to get the man talking and during the conversation he brought up football and what teams the man liked...
CM Punk Documentary Trailer Looks Sweet
Anyone who has laid eyes on this CM Punk documentary trailer these last 48 hours and says it doesn't look intriguing is lying to you and to themselves. I'm not sure why but my expectations for this four-part documentary that will air on FS1 on August 15th, "The Evolution of Punk&a…

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