CM Punk Documentary Trailer Looks Sweet
Anyone who has laid eyes on this CM Punk documentary trailer these last 48 hours and says it doesn't look intriguing is lying to you and to themselves. I'm not sure why but my expectations for this four-part documentary that will air on FS1 on August 15th, "The Evolution of Punk&a…
Dash Cam Kangaroo Attack
I've hit a deer, but nothing like this angry Kangaroo attack has ever happened to me. I'm canceling my trip to Australia.
Man Shatters Hot Pepper Eating Record [VIDEO]
Wayne Algenio of Queens NY ate 22 Carolina Reaper peppers in one minute and now has the Guinness World Record and an ulcer. I enjoy spicy food but the Carolina Reaper is the world's hottest pepper rating  1,569,300 Scoville heat units.Just for comparison Habaneros are usually between 100,0…
Kyle Busch Hits Fan In Garage
Kyle Busch has been the hottest driver in NASCAR dating back to last season. After winning the previous two races, Busch headed into Bristol on Sunday looking to grab three wins in-a-row.
But Bristol was a completely different race for Busch...
Kevin Huerter Is a Symbol Of Basketball – Top Stories [VIDEO]
Time for Top Stories on As always Kevin Huerter is front and center when it comes to Capital Region Sports.
5) Syracuse Resident leads ESPN Bracket Challenge
4) Yanks face Dallas Kuechel on Opening day
3) D League Knicks lose despite Jimmer dropping 20
2) Sportman to start at AA
1) Kevin…
Can You Pick The Tournament Based On Uniforms? TOP STORIES [VIDEO]
Top stories revolve around local kids and the NCAAM Tournament. This is not shocking. lol
5) Columbia grad Kevin Smith Talks Maryland Baseball 
4) Nisky native leading Cortland baseball
3) Shen's Ian Anderson projected high pick
2) Picking the Tourney based on uniforms
1) Cuse resident leading ESPN Brack…
Epic Dunk Fail…Over A Pancake [VIDEO]
Should you watch any video today, this is the one you have to see.
Mississippi State forward Craig Sword thought it would be a great idea to dunk over a mascot at the NCAA Dunk Contest. That mascot just so happened to be a giant pancake (you read that correctly)...

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