The MLB's 162-game season is absurdly long.

82 games for the NBA and NHL?  Similarly ridiculous in length.

Nothing, though, is as outrageous as the college basketball season.  It's mid-November when college basketball tips off - by my estimation, a month and a half too early.  How can anyone expect me to pay attention to Kansas and Duke when NFL teams are still on their bye weeks?

They can't, or at least they shouldn't.

Now though, college basketball's time has come.  These games are ones that will actually give us a representation of the teams that will play in the postseason - unlike those played three months ago.  The final push to make that postseason has begun.  And soon enough, the glory of conference tournaments, championship week, and the big dance will be upon us.

We can see the glorious light at the end of this long tunnel.

And if you want to be there when we reach the end of that tunnel - when a national champion is crowned - we can hook you up.

We're giving away a trip to Dallas to see college basketball's semi-final and final games.  With tickets to each, the winner will receive round-trip, coach airfare; hotel accommodations for three days and two nights; and $300 cash to spend on transportation, food, and other expenses.

To enter the contest, you must become a VIP.