If you like to cycle-or just ride a bike and help out those in need you can do both on June 3rd. That's the day  the American Diabetes Tour De Cure will take place at Saratoga Springs High School. All the money raised will go for research and help for those who suffer from this horrible disease!

I am fortunate and do not have Diabetes but have had many who have suffered from it as do millions. There is no cure but you can control it. Diabetes has no friends. It claims lives. it doesn't discriminate. Black. White. Brown. Older. Younger. Millions of all suffer.

I remember as a kid having to help my mother who had it bad take insulin shots. Twice  a day. Some have to take more. I had a cyclist in studio today named Patrick Curly who is 28 and has diabetes. he takes a shot every time he takes in carbs. I am not expert on diabetes but I do know it is lethal for many but can be controlled through medication for millions.

All ages and abilities of cycling or riding are welcome. There is a charge but again all the dough raised goes for the cause. I am guessing every person knows someone who has diabetes if not themselves.

If you want more info or to register which is not mandatory but helpful you can call 518-218-1755. The website is diabetes.org/saratogatour