I Lost The Boot Bet!
Someone had the bright idea to start this season long wager where the loser would have to drink a boot full of beer during the show if they were the worst Saratoga Racecourse Handicapper. Well the results are in and I, Jeff Levack will be throwing back AT LEAST one liter of Bud Light during the Bud …
Everything You Need To Know About Travers Day
This year's Run Happy Travers will be the 149th running of the Travers Stakes so you know the Saratoga Racecourse has a lot planned for all in attendance. The attendance ill once again be capped at 50,000 so get your tickets now to guarantee you'll be there for the "Mid Summer Derby.&…
Recap The Boot Bet And Break Down The Whitney [AUDIO]
The Lg Boot Bet between Levack, Goz and Closer is going strong and even with a big win today Closer is still a distant third. Listen to get the full update on the current standing and who's closer to enjoying a glass boot full of the beer of the winners choosing just listen to the recap.

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