Few Stadiums in sports hold the historical significance Wrigley Field in Chicago does for baseball. From the Ivy to stars singing "Take me Out To The Ballgame" Wrigley is a shrine to baseball. Derek Jeter now owns a piece of that shrine.As a kid Derek Jeter and his family would drive two and a half hours from his home in Kalamazoo Michigan to watch games. Now in the Captain's final season he owns a piece of Wrigley. Jeter was presented with a # 2 from the hand operated scoreboard. Other teams gifts may have cost more but this is special to anyone that has ever loved baseball.

This piece of history adds to his other gifts from this season. The Mets gave Jeter a No. 2 mosaic designed with subway tiles, a Cake Boss cake and donated $22,222.22 to Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation. The Houston Astros gave Jeter a pair of Yankees cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and some golf lessons with clubs. The Los Angeles Angels gave Jeter a paddle board. The Milwaukee Brewers donated $10,000 to Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation and presented him with a bronzed bat.