Like anyone I take my shots at the sports leader. When you are on top that's what happens-you get shots taken at you. I had a chance to tour the facility with some listeners  2 days ago and i must say it seems the place has changed since last I was there which is about 15 years ago. Not only have they built up the place to the tune of over 120 acres but the attitude has changed and for the better. where as before you sensed an arrogence it seemed to me the folks were much  more friendly and outgoing. from our tour guides to even the talent the arrogence wasn't on display. Had a chance to spend some time with my boy Mike Golic who was my former partner in Phoenix and he must be rubbing off because Golic is the least arrogent ex-athlete I have ever met. As humble as regular Joe and friendly as your mailman.

What's really impressive of course is the technology. Simply amazing stuff. I remember when I did some shows out of the place back then oh was it cramped. I mean literally the talk studio which we packed 3 hosts into was as small as a closet. Now the studios are spacious and beautiful. I worked with with Golic,Tony Bruno,Todd Wright and another or 2. You couldn't budge in the day which shocked me. Now heck you could house a family of 4 in some of the studios. I think a good time was had by all and really gives you a better appreciation of what goes on behind the scenes to the folks who really make the place hum..Bristol itself which will never be Manhatten wasn't just about ESPN and Otis elevator..yes good old Otis. used to be that was all the town had but that's been built up a bit as well. All in all a very nice day and  great to see how the world wide leader really operates..Oh the food has been upgraded as well. used to be a vending machine was all that could be found-now wow the ESPN cafe had some great chow made by professional cooks. Very Impressive place and a fun day