Today The Captain celebrates his 37th birthday.  Too bad he has to spend it on the disabled list.

We would like to wish Derek Jeter a very happy birthday today!  37 years old and has been loyal to Yankee fans since 1995.  Plus who can forget how great he was in that 1996 World Series.  Thank goodness Joe Torre had faith in the young short stop.  If he hadn't stepped in, maybe we wouldn't still see Jeter in pin stripes.

Jeter is still on the disabled list trying to recover from a strained calf muscle.  Yesterday he made good progress.  He was hitting off of a tee and even did a little soft toss before the game with the Colorado Rockies.  As for today, Jeter even jogged around a little bit.  Looks like we'll have Mr. November back in no time at all.  Happy birthday Derek, and here's hoping we get you back soon!