Women's Professional Soccer won't play the 2012 season, due to a legal battle with a former owner. The league’s board of trustees voted today to suspend the season, as it has been struggling to stay afloat while dealing with a lawsuit from former South Florida franchise owner Dan Borislow. The league’s CEO Jennifer O’Sullivan has said "We have diverted so many resources into litigation. This is something that needs to be resolved before we can move forward with play."

Are they really going to move forward and play? To be perfectly honest, before I heard that WPS was going to suspend a season, I didn’t know WPS existed. I’m not trying to bash women’s soccer, but if you have a league that cannot find more than five cities to host teams, then you have no business trying to press on and re-open your doors. And on top of that, the ex-owner that the league is doing battle with, bought his franchise and named it after his call service, magicJack. The South Florida magicJack?!? And I thought the New York Red Bull was bad. I know that the league is only calling this “a suspended season,” but for all you big time WPS fans out there, I wouldn’t hold out any hope of ever seeing your team take the field again.