The Yankees are hanging onto dear life in regards to their post-season chances and if they eventually wind up losing to the Orioles (currently 3-1 O's in the 7th) thenthiscould wind up being the most entertaining part of the game.

At the conclusion of the first inning, good 'ole Buck Showalter came out of the O's dugout and started screaming at Girardi with the family friendly words of, "F*** that s***! ... That ain't right!"

There's tons of speculation of what happened, anything from Girardi accusing the Orioles 3rd base coach of stealing signs to this being the 366 day anniversary of Nick Markakis getting hit by an inside pitch from C.C. Sabathia (yeah, that's probably a stretch).

All I know is, if the Yankees lose for the fourth time in five games, I'm much more interested in speculating about this feud tomorrow than talking about the Yankees not playing in October this year.