After losing the last two games in the NBA Finals and falling behind in the series 3 games to 2, I really think the Miami Heat have an even bigger issue than LeBron James not showing up in the 4th quarter.

Their lack of depth is finally catching up with them.

Their trip to the NBA Finals masked their deficiencies.  All along, this was a team that didn’t really have much of a bench and really didn’t have anyone you can consistently count on.

Let's look at the two teams side-by-side for a minute.  Chandler, Terry, Kidd, Barea, Marion and Stevenson: that’s a far better supporting cast than Bibby, Anthony, Howard, House, Miller and Haslem.  Miami might have more superstars but Dallas has the better TEAM!!

It's hard to play defense when you have no help.  There’s a pattern developing here - in all 3 Dallas wins, they’ve gone on epic runs in the final 7 minutes.

Miami just looks fried by the end of these games.  Last night, I watched as Dallas just seemed to be energized in the 4th while Miami has wilted.  The Heat have been playing with pressure all season long and all post-season long.  It’s finally wearing on them.

As I’ve been saying for weeks, this wasn’t supposed to be Miami’s year.  Most thought they were a season away from really contending.  But they made a run largely on the shoulders of LeBron, Wade and Bosh.   Very rarely has someone else stepped up in their place.

Every championship team needs a supporting cast.  The NBA Theory of Sinkativity is nice with a Hall of Famer and two All-Stars around him but you do need some help!

The Bulls had Pippen, Jordan and Rodman but they also had Kerr, Kukoc, BJ Armstrong and Harper.  The 80's Lakers might have had Kareem, Magic and Perkins but they also had Byron Scott and Norm Nixon.  The Lakers last year had Kobe and Gasol but they also had Artest, Bynum, Odom and Fisher.  The 1980’s Celtics with Bird, McHale and Parrish but they also had Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, Cornbred Maxwell.  The Rockets: Akeem and Clyde but they also had Horry and Kenny Smith.

Right now, the Heat pretty much have the big 3 and that’s really it.  Name their 4thbest player?  Miller? Haslem? Anthony? Chalmers?  James Jones? Really?  Mike Bibby starts and he’s ancient!  While Juwan Howard was in college when I was - and I'm 40!

It’s the big three and a bunch of guys that may or may not have played on the Washington Generals.