By now we've all seen the video of "Hero Cat". A mild mannered house cat that leaps into action and saves it's little boy from a viscous dog attack. The local minor league baseball Bakersfield Barons honored Hero Cat who's civilian name is Tara by having her throw out the first pitch.You can see the first pitch and original video here.



So this got my daughter thinking "Would our new cat Gizmo save me?" His reply came while we were sleeping the other night. I hear this loud crash from downstairs. Startled I grab my bat and head downstairs. There I find my "Hero Cat" Gizmo drinking from the wreckage that was once my favorite glass.

I was mad at first thinking this other cat saves the day while mine causes wreckage in an attempt to enjoy whatever my daughter had been drinking from my glass, THEN I remembered she made him wear this.

So we're even for now Gizmo but so help me if a dog attacks my kid you better spring into action bro!