I keep hearing this debate about whether or not we should BOO Robinson Cano. If you're a Yankees fan or just a baseball fan feel free to yell, scream, Boo or whatever else you want.

I booed Cano when he jogged to first. I booed Cano when his bat would disappear in the playoffs. I booed when I heard Derek Jeter told him he needed to hustle and he didn't and I REALLY booed when this guy said he was disrespected by the Yankees.

Look I get it, the Seattle Mariners paid you more then ANYONE else would. Could i turn down $240 million? WOW...I'd love to make that decision. I'm not mad at Cano so much for leaving. I'm mad Cano didn't realize he was the Heir apparent to Derek Jeter! All you needed to do was hustle, lead by example, GET RICH IN NEW YORK and you'd be a legend!

The biggest thing that bothers me is I booed because I saw greatness in Cano that he never seemed to realize and when he said he was disrespected by a team and fan base that wanted to make him royalty, it makes me sick. I also found it funny he has already been complaining about needing more pieces in Seattle. Hey Robbie you know who can pay a player $240 million and still add pieces? NOT SEATTLE!!!

I truly wish Cano a great career. I hope he puts up the stats and puts out the effort he's capable of, but I hope he loses to the Yankees any time he gets to the playoffs.