When you see Yankees 1st round draft pick Ian Clarkin, if his face is a tad red well, you will understand.

Clarkin is a young fella whose favorite player is Phillies reliever and former Red Sox closer Johnathan Papplebon. In Yankee land that name is akin to ahem never mind.

Well before becoming the Yankees 3rd 1st round draft pick thanks to some compensatory picks for losing free agents Nick Swisher and last year's closer Rafael Soriano, Clarkin is seen on a video saying " I hate the Yankees" now however he is singing their praises.

Clarkin is seen on the video talking about his favorite moment growing up as a baseball fan. He answered Luis Gonzalez  base hit to beat the Yankees in 2001 in game 7 giving the Diamondbacks the World Series title.

Clarkin apologized right after being drafted and spinning a story that had parts his dad is a Pirates fan and it was a jab at his mom who is a Yankee fan. Clarkin declared the whole thing taken out of context.

I personally find the whole thing funny. Give the kid a break. He is/was a kid. I think his devotion to or against a team shows a great passion and baseball can always use more of that.