People love to complain whenever a team runs up the score in the NFL, saying that coaches like Bill Belichick should pull punches towards the end of games. Those people should focus their attention on other sports, like girls high school basketball, after a team in Indiana beat an opponent by 105 points, 107-2.

Bloomington South High School put a hurting on Arlington High School yesterday to the tune of a 105 point victory, with both of Arlington's points coming on free throws, one in the second quarter and one in the third quarter, this according to RTV6 in Indianapolis.

The unusual scoreline has sparked some debate across the country, as questions of sportsmanship have arisen with many saying that the outcome of the game makes both sides look bad, not just the one that lost the game.

According to RTV6, however, every player got playing time for Bloomington, signifying that more than just the best players on the team made it onto the floor and, with no mercy rule in the sport, there wasn't much Bloomington could do, apparently.

To me there is a simple solution to all of this, and that is to introduce a mercy rule into high school basketball, or at least introduce a running clock when the lead reaches a certain number of points for one team. That way these young kids don't become national news stories for something humiliating, which could affect their love for the sport they are playing.

What do you think? Is a 105 point win just too much? What would you do to fix the situation? Tell us in the comments section below.