Despite the fact that he needed help getting out of a night club in the early morning hours on Long Island, and despite smashing his SUV around a pole and despite almost knocking the needle off the breathalyzer test, Knicks Guard Jason Kidd has decided to fight his DWI charges.

The whole incident went down in July, just after the Knicks signed the free agent away from Dallas with a three-year deal. Kidd was hanging out in the Hamptons when he decided he would be selfish and not call a cab. Who knows who the selfish Kidd could have killed.

Kidd suffered some bruises and scrapes when he crashed his SUV into a telephone poll then veered off into the woods. The SUV literally looked like half of it was gone after the accident.

Kidd met reporters outside the court in Easthampton earlier this week but made no statement. His ambulance chaser, his attorney, said "we intend to fight these charges. He is taking this very seriously." His attorney's name is Edward Burke Jr.

Kidd faces a misdemeanor charge that could carry up to a one year prison sentence.