Audio: Jeter Addressing the media Monday morning

Today is the final home opener at Yankees Stadium that Derek Jeter will ever experience.

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"At this point, it just feels like another opening day," said Jeter, during his pre-game press conference, earlier Monday morning.

"Being here for parts of 20 seasons, [the fans have] seen a lot of me. They’ve always treated me well and treated me with respect.

"They get excited for opening day. This is a big deal here in New York. Us as players it’s something we look forward to and don’t feel like the season officially begins until we have our home opener."

The Captain said that nerves have always been a part of what he does.

"I’ll have butterflies before this game start but I do that all the time. I have been pretty good at controlling my emotions, not get too high, not get too low."

Jeter added that he's not sure how he's going to react to the home crowd for the first and last time during the match-up against the Orioles with a 1:05pm first pitch.

Hopefully, he responds by going 3-for-4. Just sayin'.