Derek Jeter said the reason he didn't attend the 2011 All-Star Game was not due to exhaustion.  The Yankees captain clarified his absence at the 82nd Midsummer Classic.

Derek Jeter did not go to Phoenix to attend the All-Star festivities because he wanted to rest his right calf for the second half of the season.  "It wasn't an exhaustion thing, it was an injury thing is why I didn't go," Jeter said Thursday.

"Like I told you guys, I was disappointed I didn't get a chance to go play.  I've told you guys throughout the years, but this was a decision that I thought was best for our team for the second half of the year."

It was previously reported on that Jeter wasn't going to attend the All-Star Game due to "emotional and physical exhaustion" as a result of his pursuit of 3,000 hits.  Jeter contradicted the report.  "That sounds like a good quote, but I didn't say it," Jeter said.  "I told you on Friday why I wasn't going so emotional and physical exhaustion makes it sound good, but that wasn't the case. It was strictly based on my leg."