Ok I am late to the party but here I am. The Jets in order to get things right next year will need a new Offensive co-ordinator. Sorry Brian Schottenhmer it's time to move on. Normally I am not a fire the coach, fire the coach, fire the coach type of guy. Many if not most fans that's their only take. Fire the coach. Fire the coach. I have chronicled how that doesn't usually help and in fact only sets a program back but some times you have to do it and this is 1 of those times

Going into the Giants game everyone knew what the weakness of the Giants defense is. Well it's basically the entire defense. 22nd vs the run and 29th vs the pass. The numbers are ugly and the Jets play calling uglier. The Jets ran the ball well early then for some reason just stopped running the ball. The Giants have been gashed all year on the deep pass so what did the Jets do-Not throw the deep ball until the 4th quarter and that was on 4th down no less. Ridiculous!!!!!

Up until 2 weeks ago the Jets were the only team not to hit  a pass play longer then 32 yards. I mean with Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress that's absurd yet that's the nature of this dink and slant offense. The Jets treat the deep pass like Superman treated kryponite-afraid of it. Against the Giants this lousy play calling was magnified.

Don't get me wrong I don't blame the entire mediocre if that on just Shottenheimer. The running game is not effective at all but most of that is teams stack the box or bunch up 8 players in the short area defined as within 15 yards on the line of scrimmage. They know the Jets have a phobia about throwing 20+ yards. The offensive line is a major dissapointment led by lousy RG Wayne  Hunter. Way back when LG Matt Slauson said Hunter is better then Damien Woody ever was. Dumb comment!

Mark Sanchez has made no strides this season at all but you have to wonder how much of that is lack of imagination in play calling. How many slants can you throw in a game or WR screens. Good grief this isn't college ball.

So while I am late to arrive I am on board. The Jets need to make a change at OC and while I can appreciate loyalty sorry Rex Ryan you have to make the move or your continual boasts of a Super Bowl will fall flat year after year