First off, a little truth: the Jets were terrible today, just not as terrible as the terrible team they played and beat (barely) in the Miami Dolphins, turning the trick in overtime, 24-21. That's the good news. Plenty of bad news now follows.

The Jets played a bad game. This was a bad game. It was long, filled with curious calls, but mostly filled with brutal QB play. I hope to find out why the Jets decided not to blitz much on a rookie QB. Both Mark Sanchez and Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins signal caller, stunk up Dolphins Stadium.

Sanchez was a lousy 21-45 for 306 yards. That doesn't look bad, but it was bad. Over throws, under throws, poor throws. Tannehill was 16 of 36 and not any better. Only one team ran it well, and it wasn't the Jets who turned to Bilal Powell, as they were so needy of some rushing yards.

Miami kicker Dan Carpenter missed two field goal tries including, in OT, a 48 yarder that would have won the game after the Jets punted on the first possession of OT.

Both teams ran 79 mostly bad plays. This game was long, dull, and painful to watch. Now just imagine being Brian Noe, the program Director of 104.5 "The Team" ESPN Radio. My hatred for the "Dullfins" is legendary. Noe happens to be the station's resident Fin Fan. As the big Jet fan a bet was sure to come and, thanks to the Jets outlasting the Fins, poor Noe has to wash my car. You would think he would learn to stop betting on his useless team. It is the second bet I have won against Noe involving this "rivalry."

Truth is, it has been a long time since I was so disgusted with a win, especially Miami's Dolphins. Watching the Jets not be able to run, struggle to complete a pass, keep the heat off Sanchez, watch Sanchez over throw several receivers, struggle to have time to throw, and mostly give up over 50% to the rookie QB on 3rd down conversions was down right frustrating. Having the game come down to a missed kick was little relief. However, not having to wash Noe's car is a GREAT RELIEF.