Ever since Jon Stewart took over for Craig Kilborn, The Daily Show has never shied away from attacking any story in the news. Yesterday, as was to be expected, Michael Sam’s coming out party was the subject of Stewart’s opening bit.

Stewart came out strong with a nice Tim Tebow jab, and overall did a pretty stellar job laying into the entire circus around his announcement. I do however think he missed the point a tiny bit on his last joke, where he pointed out hypocrisy from organizations who fear Sam’s potential media frenzy by pointing out teams that hired or stuck with Ray Lewis, Mike Vick, and Big Ben after their legal issues. Yes, those teams knew they would face controversy and backlash, but they also knew that Ben was a Super Bowl winning franchise player, Lewis was the best linebacker of his generation and Vick was the most physically talented quarterback in the history of the game. Sam is a projected third or forth round pick, and those guys are often crap shoots. If I am a GM I would be far less inclined to take on the undoubted media distraction for a guy that is completely unproven and not projected for greatness. It has nothing to do with his sexuality; it is all about the media circus that unfortunately is sure to follow him.

He will get draft and he should get drafted, but to think this announcement won’t affect his stock with some organizations is naive. It may be unfortunate, but it’s true.