Oklahoma City superstar Kevin Durant says that Michael Vick is not a top 5 quarterback in the NFL.  Who did Durant rank ahead of Vick?  Eli?  Sanchez?  Find out who Durant ranks higher.

Kevin Durant received some backlash after stating his opinion that Michael Vick is not a top 5 NFL QB.  Durant posted on Facebook, "Folks are coming at me hard on twitter right now for saying I don't think Mike Vick is a top 5 QB right now.  In no order, I have Peyton, Brady, Big Ben, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, and Aaron Rodgers ahead of Vick."

The hoops star continued, "Then another dude tried to say Cam Newton is better than Philip Rivers already!  SMH!!!  I love Vick and Cam and cheer for them, but I gotta be honest about the best at this moment."

Nobody in their right mind would rank Cam Newton ahead of Philip Rivers right now.  That's the point.  A lot of fans aren't in their right mind to begin with.  I like Durant's list though.  Vick is not a member of the "Big 6" quarterbacks in the NFL right now.  That'll change if he has another exceptional season like he did last year.  For now, 2010 was the only impressive season Michael Vick has ever had in the NFL.