It's not very pleasant around the New York Knicks right now.  The Phoenix Suns beat them last night 91-88 pushing their skid to four straight. 

It's no news that the Knicks are struggling right now.  Despite their stars being healthy, they can't seem to gain the confidence they had at the end of last season.  Last night was their fourth straight loss, 91-88 to the Suns.  So is it time to panic at The Garden?

Head coach Mike D'Antoni acknowledged after the game that he knows that they are in a little bit of a crisis right now, but maintains that the team is playing hard.  He also said that they are playing good defense, but evidently not good enough.  The 'stars' are putting up numbers too.  Amare Stoudemire had 23 points last night, and Carmelo Anthony put up 33 just two days ago, but it's not enough because the other teams are out scoring them.

Carmelo said last week that he was worried about the teams confidence, and that is showing now.  They wrap up a series at home with games on Friday and Saturday against Milwaukee and Denver.