Earlier today LeBron James talked about Tim Tebow at practice, praising his selfless nature and relating to his struggles with the media. Check out his comments below:
Now, I see what LeBron is saying in terms of the highly magnified microscope that each player is under, and the polarizing nature of their personas. That said, there is one glaring thing that LeBron seems to be overlooking. LeBron gets his criticism because he’s a great player who doesn’t come through in the clutch, while Tebow is known as a below average player who only comes through when the game’s on the line. You may both be heavily scrutinized, Bron, but it couldn’t be for more different reasons.

The question is: if you’re Tim Tebow, do you want LeBron James’ endorsement? According to recent polls, Lebron is the NBA’s 2nd most hated player, while Tim Tebow recently clocked in as the most popular athlete in the nation. More importantly, if any of LeBron’s late game dwarfism rubs off on Tebow, then he'd be screwed. If I was Tim I would give LeBron a kind thank you, wish him the best, and disassociate myself entirely. It's just too risky.