Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy threw New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora under the bus.

LeSean McCoy blasted Osi Umenyiora on Twitter with the following post: “Overrated n soft 3rd d-line on his team honestly." 

Wow, overrated and soft?  Calling an NFL player soft, especially a defensive lineman, is about as low as you can get.  I'd like to hear what McCoy would point to exactly to back up his opinion that Osi is soft. 

Overrated?  Umenyiora recorded 11.5 sacks in 2010.  That's the same number of sacks that Justin Tuck recorded.  Justin Tuck is the best defensive lineman the Giants have, but if Osi isn't their second best, who is?  Jason Pierre-Paul had 4.5 sacks in zero games started last year.  Saying Umenyiora is the third best d-lineman the Giants have is simply stupid.

I don't know where this venom from McCoy is coming from, but I can tell that it's venom that doesn't make any sense.  Try to make a legitimate point next time, LeSean.