Ok so you get a chance to be Glen Grunwald, GM of your NY Knicks. You have untold millions but not nearly as much to spend thanks to this little thing called the salary cap. But you do have a 2 salary exemptions, the 2 million exemption and the 5 mill available. You need a point guard and you have a few choices so who do you pursue. Now remember this is not via a trade this is free agent stuff we are talking.

media fodder has these names available  through free agency. Kirk Hinrich of the Washington Wizards. Derek Fisher of Oklahoma City. Gary Neal of the SA Spurs. Ramon Sessions of the LA Lakers. Raymond Felton of the Portland Trailblazers. Jannaro Pargo of the Hornets. Johnny Flynn of Portland. Goran Dragic of the Houston Rockets and finally Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns. A pretty decent list to pick from. Here are my thoughts.

Fast no thanks to Hinrich. A nice player but I will pass thank you. No on D Fish. Too old The Knicks already  have Mike Bibby, Baron Davis for old point guards. No for me on Dragic although many like his game..To out of control for my liking. Pargo-Yawn. can't get excited about Pargo at all.. Sessions is not bad but what has he done for the Lakers really. I love the nash rambler as he was called in Phoenix but the reality is this-if he plays with Carmelo Anthony it won't matter as Anthony has to dominate the ball or he will pout, then quit. I would deal Melo but that's for another story. Nash runs the pick and roll prefered by Amare Stoudemire. Without Nelo in the picture he is the guy. With Anthony and the restrictive system of Mike Woodson should he be retained as coach nash wouldn't be what he could be even at the age of 39/40.. Johnny Flynn intrigues me based on what he was at Syracuse. He has done nill in the NBA but has great speed and athleticism. I really like Ray Felton the 1 time Knick. Great speed. Solid passer. Like him a lot. I also like Neal of the Spurs but wonder what he will become. He plays behind Tony Parker. I like the coaching he has gotten and the team he plays for.

For my choice it would be Felton 1st. Flynn 2nd and Neal 3rd. All this would change if Anthony were dealt then I would grab for Nash knowing his wondow is not long but I am going for the championship with the team already assembled.

If you have an opinion please fire away. Play GM. besides it's not our money and it's always better to play with someone else's cash!