Peyton Manning has landed in Denver, but make no mistake: the dominoes have not stopped falling.  Indeed, today is the realization of a dream for John Elway - a perfect storm that will ultimately allow the two time champion to escape out from under the rock that is Tim Tebow.@JoeBianchino

John Elway has always wanted someone statuesque, someone with a big arm, someone accurate, someone with the well honed, powerful talent that we associate with big named quarterbacks.  Put simply?  John Elway has always wanted John Elway.  But he wasn't given John Elway.  Instead, he inherited Tim Tebow.  He inherited a run not gun quarterback, who may have a big arm but no one would know because he's not accurate enough to hit most receivers downfield, and someone whose talent is more about will than quarterbacking.  Dealt that hand, John Elway has spent his time with the Broncos hoping that he didn't have to embrace Tim Tebow, and begrudgingly doing so only when a playoff birth forced his hand.  He's spent his time with the Broncos looking for a way out.

And when the Colts decided to release Peyton Manning in early March, Elway had the perfect opportunity - not only to get the type of quarterback he's always wanted into Denver, but to get the quarterback that fans have forced him to accept out of Denver.  The signing of Peyton Manning is not a short term upgrade for the Broncos, it's the first step of a long term plan.  Sign Peyton Manning.  Quiet the hysteria around #15.  Use the settling of the huddled Tebow masses to trade the former Florida Gator.  Enjoy Peyton Manning's brilliance for three or four years and, when Manning retires, start again with a clean slate by drafting the type of quarterback that John Elway always wanted.  Peyton Manning isn't just a shot at a Super Bowl run.  He's a 95 million dollar reset button.

So John Elway has gotten exactly what he wanted, and maybe exactly what the Broncos needed.  And yes, the era of Tim Tebow is over in Denver.  Tebowmania is gone.  The Mile High Messiah is dead.  How does South Beach Savior sound?