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Top 10 Super Bowl Moments: #8
#8: Elway's Helicopter TD
Perhaps the play the great John Elway will most be remembered for.
As heavy underdogs heading into Super Bowl XXXII, John Elway, in what would end up being his first of back-to-back Super Bowl wins, pulled off one of the most memorable play in not only Denver Bronco fran…
Defending Tim Tebow – Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
Oh sure I can join all the Tim Tebow haters and be part of the "in" crowd. But not to be contrarion no thanks. Ok no Tebow is obviously not Peyton Manning. The Broncos did the right thing. No question. But of course the Tebow haters, I mean more the talking heads but the fans somew…
Manning Is Dream Scenario for Elway – Gets Tebow Out
Peyton Manning has landed in Denver, but make no mistake: the dominoes have not stopped falling.  Indeed, today is the realization of a dream for John Elway - a perfect storm that will ultimately allow the two time champion to escape out from under the rock that is Tim Tebow.@JoeBianchino