Okay, hate may be a bit strong, but "strongly dislike" seems more like it. I have seen and read many critiques of Tim Tebow, but it seems Merril Hoge thinks Tebow should just leave the NFL and go do something else. Look at some of the hammering Hoge lays on Tebow.

Hoge says Tebow has "no clue". Really Merril? No clue, just a winning record. Hoge continues his rant with, "I don't get it, I don't understand it. He is so overrated. I've never seen someone so overrated". Gosh, I hope Tebow is keeping a notebook. If anyone can ever use constant whining about their ability to spur them on and motivate them, it is Tim Tebow. Really, Merril? The" most overrated ever"? More than Leaf, Manderich, Smith, Russell etc etc etc etc etc etc. More overrated than Marinovitch Merril? Really?

But the old Pittsburgh Steeler was just warming up. Speaking on the Jets aquisition, the ESPN bitterman said "It's a flash in the pan vision. See if we can get it done this year with all these gimmicks".

More from Bitter Hoge, "That's what the Jets will end up being-a gimmick offense". Then the usual talking-head puppet line 'cause that's the world we live in: " What if Mark Sanchez gets hurt or he throws a couple of picks. Change the entire offense like the Broncos did because you can't run the pro style offense with Tebow". Here is what I say to this- YAWN. The puppet talking heads are starting to bore me with their hammering of Tebow. Hey, news flash for you, bitter Hoge- your team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, have to change their offense if Big Ben gets hurt and Charlie Batch enters. Simply because Batch stinks and can't play any kind of offense. Hey Hoge, teams change up things if their starter gets hurt. First time watching pro ball, sir?

More from Hoge who obvious to me has a strong dislike for Tebow (but won't fess up to it),  "He will never be able to throw consistently enough in this league ever to play 16 games, consecutive years,and win you anything". Keep this in your brain locked away Tim Tebow cause their is much of the same from many bobblehead head pundits.

Bitter Merril then babbles on, "He has no clue . It's mind-boggling to me that a guy could play 2 years and have no concept of route combinations and coverages" . Hmm... interesting, bitter Merril, why don't you ask your boys if Tebow read that defensive set in the AFC wild card game last year? Maybe this is the bane of Hoge's hatred for Tebow. However, Hoge still wasn't finished.

The former Steeler knocked out of the game with concussions spewed on, "He doesn't have a clue what he is looking at.  His Football IQ is not very good when it comes to throwing the football, reading coverages, identifying coverages he has no clue-none-zero". I say again, bitter  Merril, how about that read vs the Steelers in the AFC wild card?  Now of course Merril, a TV talking head, wasn't asked about this by the puppet newspaper guy asking the questions. No better left without challenging Hoge on this rant of nonsense.

Hoge finished up the interview with puppet Newspaper reporter by giving the same old same old stupid spew on Sanchez-how he will be looking over his back, How Sanchez is fragile, the locker room etc etc..Again I say this-YAWNNNNNNNNNNN. Hey Merril perhaps after only 3 years, limited starts, no camps last year it might behoove you to give some credit to Tebow for the advances he has made and how he took a team dead and buried and made them into a playoff team and won a game-vs your beloved Steelers Merril Hoge.

So Merril while newspaper puppet wouldn't ask you about your deep dislike for Tebow (maybe you are jealous Merril) I will- Is this hatred because he beat your Steelers? Man the QB who can't do anything right beating the big bad Steelers..LOL..I love it.

Perhaps some of Hoge's hammering will prove to be true. Right now many Jet fans don't think so and neither does the organization. Perhaps the Jets should sign some shlub as backup if Sanchez falters or gets hurt. Oh wait then goofballs like Hoge can then say "duh the Jets were unprepared" duh.

If you sense I am tired of this cheap shotting of Tebow you sense correct. 1 last thing. I am betting should Tebow excel with the Jets whatever excel means Hoge and many other talking heads won't talk about how wrong they were. See to haters like Hoge hating is easier then admitting how wrong you are. Or perhaps Hoge will do what other haters will do "duh we should have known. We should have seen" duh and then try and suck up to Tebow and be his best pal.

Oh I hope Tebow makes fools of them all. that means my Jets are winning games and Tebow a fine young man can declare victory over these simpletons with his trademark smile and kindness. Now that will be something to see and hear.