In a recent interview with The New Yorker Magazine, Mets owner Fred Wilpon essentially threw his team under the bus.

He talked about how big of a mistake it was in signing Carlos Beltran, how the Mets won't give soon-to-be-free-agent Jose Reyes a big contract and that David Wright is good - but no super-star.

This can only mean one thing.

Fred Wilpon is done with the Mets.

Nothing he said helped the situation.  It’s like when a guy starts openly bashing his girlfriend in public.  There’s not much of a future there.

He didn’t make his players feel happy about playing on this team.  If the owner doesn’t think you’re worth anything, why would you want to play hard for that guy?  If your boss doesn’t care about you, why would you care about him?

There’s now even worse morale within the organization.  From the top to the bottom, everyone knows what he did.  You have pissed off everyone that works for you.  From the players to the guy that sells popcorn.  If the owner doesn’t care, why should I?

These statements sound like they're coming from a guy that's got nothing left.

In the end, the Mets financial situation is too big of a burden to keep going.  He’s getting sued for $1 billion and his team isn’t making any money now.  He’s fallen out of love with the city and with the team.

It sounds like a guy at work that already has another job but isn’t telling anyone yet.  He rips on everyone and tells people exactly what he thinks and then 3 days later, he lets everyone know that his last day will be on Friday.

Wilpon is devaluing his own players and his own franchise.

Here’s a guy that’s trying to salvage what’s left of his team but yet he’s telling everyone his players aren’t worth anything.  If you’re a prospective minority owner are you going to get excited about getting involved in this team?

Why on earth would he rip on Jose Reyes - a guy that's considered to be one of the top shortstops in baseball and should be a piece to build around or get the most out of?

Not only do you tick him off by saying that he is not worth Crawford money, but you also take the value away from a tradable asset if you have no intention of signing him.  Teams now don’t have to necessarily give the Mets tons of players for a guy that won’t be back regardless.

You might think I'm off my rocker for saying this but why on earth would an owner say something like this about his own players?  Think about that!