It’s the end of era, Mika and Jeter (or as I call them Minketer) are calling it quits. If these two kids can’t make what chance do the rest of us really have?

This is just another example on how Actresses and Athletes just can’t make it last. I mean we all are still up set about the split of Kim Kardashian and Reggie (made more money in college) bush and now I have to deal with weight of the Captain and Minka going the way of Rosanne and Tom Arnold.

This news has shaken New York harder then Tuesdays Earthquake.  I asked one of my co workers what he felt about the news and he said “devastated” and then ran away claiming he had allergies. Jeter recently hit the 3000 hit milestone and we thought that it was only a matter of time before he popped the question the Friday Night lights star. We were wrong dead wrong.  I just hope Hurricane Irene will wash away my tears over the weekend.