I will save any age jokes cause there are no jokes to be made about this dreadful time at Penn State,however you have to ask yourself what is the state of Joe Paterno's mind at this point. For 61 years Joe has taught young people they are responsible for their actions or inaction. He has preached about making good choices and being accountable and now in light of the latest it seems Joe's words ring very hollow. Today JoPa announced he will retire after this year. For all we know he might have been leaning that way anyway so perhaps he will not be penalized for his dreadful choices of not taking the sex crimes to the authorities instead entrusting PSU higher ups to deal with that matter. JoPa said in his statement that the board of trustees should not waste a single minute in deciding his future and that the same board had "more important things to do". No Joe they don't. This is the worst crisis to ever hit in not so Happy Valley and how the higher ups handle this will set forth the path Penn State takes for years to come. Joe also said he wants to leave with his dignity and determination in tact. Now many will say he deserves that after 61 years of great service to the university and in my view the country. Joe has been the model we can all look to in troubled times. WWJD meaning what would Joe do comes to mind so Joe I ask you if  this were another University and your were giving your opinion how the same circumstances would be handled would you say that X coach deserves to go out  his or her way? I don't think you would Joe and now because you won't leave today and suffer the consequences of your inaction you are casting a  dark light and painting yourself as a hypocrite.

Joe I love you man. If I had kids and they wanted to play ball I would have gladly sent them your way but now we can only teach our kids not only do you not cover things up like sexual abuse like Joe did but that he over stayed his welcome and became a side show for all to observe. Joe you have made a terrible choice into a terrible end and sadly you continue to make terrible decisions. The honorable thing to do is say you screwed up royally and leave NOW not in 2 months after your bowl game. A sad ending to a great career for JoPa.