Anyone who follows football knows the Jets like to talk, A LOT,but so far the most outlandish statement belongs to Giant WR Hakeem Nicks. According to the talented Giants WR he claims that Jets all everything corner Darrelle Revis is overated. Quote from Nicks "he's a decent corner". Oh this is good. I like it. As a Jets fan with no beef about the Giants (G-Men are my 2nd favortite team) this makes me happy.

Usually it's the Jets that go in with a bullseye on their back mostly thanks to gabby coach Rex Ryan but this comment will surely fire up the big airplane in the sky. Also getting in on the action is Fellow WR Victor Cruz who claims teams no longer fear Revis. Cruz and Nicks both claim that they aren't all that impressed with Revis. Cruz later claimed on his twitter account that the media misquoted him and that " I don't talk trash".

I will give the nod to Cruz on this. he doesn't seem to talk a lot of smack and it would be kind of funny for a guy who has bursted on the scene only this year to diss the perennial all pro Revis. Nicks who should be matched up against Revis said " he is a decent corner".

The stats say both Giant WR's may have a point as Revis has been thrown on more this year then any other year. Revis has given up 32 catches this yera on balls thrown to the man he was covering compared to only 19 all of last year. However as a Jet fan  I like the concept of the other team talking the trash and my guys getting the short end.