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Watch Out for Future Stars Next Summer
Make sure you pay close attention to whose on the field the next time you attend a Tri-City ValleyCats game, because you never know. George Springer played in 8 games for the Cats during the summer of 2011 and Springer just won the World Series MVP.
KP: MVP? Despite Fans’ Chants, Not Yet
Kristaps Porzingis and league MVP in the same sentence is ridiculous, especially when only a few games have been played. However, Porzingis is off to great start for the Knicks and it looks like he's going to have a monster season
Jets Should Take a Look at Potential Future
It's time for the Jets to change quarterbacks, and it's not because Josh McCown has done a bad job. McCown has actually done a great job but with a 3-5 record it's time to think about the future, and the future is not McCown.

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