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Richard Hunter On Brock Lesnar Vs Daniel Cormier [AUDIO]
Last weekend UFC 226 had some serious ups and downs. Fights that never should of happened and some post fight altercations that seemed to come straight from the WWE. Joining us to make sense of it all and give us how likely Daniel Cormier vs Brock Lesnar really is, is Richard Hunter
The Arena Football League Playoff Rules And Schedule
It's official in the inaugural season of the Albany Empire they have secured the number one seed and will have the clearest path to the Arena Bowl of the four teams this 2018 season. The Empire will travel to face the Washington Valor this Saturday then host the Valor the following weekend.
Knicks’ Rookie Kevin Knox Is Exciting!
New York Knicks' 2018 first round draft pick Kevin Knox is super exciting and fun to watch. In the Summer league game against the Atlanta Hawks he was a dunking machine scoring 22 points and drawing four fowls on apposing players. The kid jumps out of the gym and has no fear when it comes to co…

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