Paul Pierce was ejected from a 99-90 Game 1 loss to the Miami Heat on Sunday.  The ejection was a complete joke.  Did the officials not get the memo that the NBA Playoffs have started?

After setting a hard screen on Dwyane Wade, Paul Pierce was ejected from the Game 1 Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics.  This was completely ridiculous.  I've seen 5th graders set harder screens and not get ejected.

Earlier in the game, Paul Pierce was fouled hard by James Jones.  Pierce took exception to the foul and stuck his face in Jones' face.  It wasn't exactly a head butt, but it was close.  ABC's Jeff Van Gundy described it as a "face rub."  As silly as that sounds, it was actually a great way to describe Pierce's actions.  That "face rub" drew a technical foul.

After setting the hard screen on Wade, Pierce was hit with his second technical foul.  There is no way that screen should have resulted in another tech.  Bad job officials.  Bad.