The Indianapolis Colts have finally decided to release Peyton Manning.  It was a tough decision, but they made the right move.

It was a tough decision for the Indianapolis Colts to release their best player in franchise history.  However, it was the correct choice.  The Colts have the uncommon opportunity to transition from one franchise quarterback to (most likely) another franchise QB. 

Although it isn't a certainty that Andrew Luck will be a great quarterback in the NFL, there is a great chance that he will be.  When Peyton Manning was drafted by the Colts with the #1 overall pick in 1998, there was no guarantee that he would turn out to be a great quarterback either.  He did. 

It's worth the risk for the Colts to draft Luck.  Andrew Luck could be a franchise quarterback for the next decade.  Peyton only has about three good years left (assuming he will be healthy).  Of course it's a risk to dump Peyton and draft Luck, but it's a risk that makes the most sense for the Colts long-term future.  They made the right move.

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