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Jeter Reminded Us Why He’s Jeter At Press Conference
On Wednesday, Derek Jeter spoke for the first time since announcing that this would be his last season, via Facebook.
Audio: Jeter's opening statement -
For anyone who has forgotten or doesn’t understand why ‘The Captain’ has gotten so much attention by the f…
Josh Beckett’s Handling Of The Media
Do you think Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett handled his postgame press conference the right way or the wrong way? Do you think the media should care what Beckett does on his off-days?
Peyton Manning’s Press Conference
Yesterday was the end of an era in Indianapolis.  Peyton Manning and the Colts parted ways after 14 years together.  Peyton, and Colts owner Jim Irsay held a joint press conference to make the announcement, in what was one of the best looking sports divorces in history.  It's no surprise that Mannin…
Braun Battles The Truth! Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
Someone better inform Ryan Braun that there is a big difference between technicality and the truth. Seems the Brewers MVP is struggling with the difference.
Braun held a press conference yesterday and proclaimed how happy he was that he was found innocent of doing steroids...

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