Forget water boarding  show anyone that wishes to do this country harm a replay of last night's slam dunk contest.  Throw any adjective you like at that disaster because they all fit.

Kenny Smith of TNT predicted before the contest started " This will be 1 of the top 10 dunk contests ever."  I love Kenny's work but that was 1 of the worst 10 predictions of all time. It would have been more entertaining if I had competed. Oh not because I can make any of those dunks or even come close, but the entertainment factor of me making a fool of myself and perhaps breaking bones would have been better then watching botched dunk after botched dunk after botched dunk.

I think James "Fly" White of the Knicks Should change his nickname from Fly to Why? Someone named Ross from Toronto beat someone from Utah named  Evans.  Who Evans was the defending champion by the way.

The "crowd"  such that it was seemed as interested and excited about the continual  fumbled dunks as I would be at an opera. The crippled Carnival Cruiser had more electricity then the Toyota center in Houston Saturday night.

This no name fiasco with unlimited time to make a dunk has to end. What they replace it with or if they replace it I frankly could care less.  I could moan about some of the other aspects of NBA Saturday Night All Star jam or whatever they call it but at least they are somewhat tolerable I guess. I like the shooting contest but again it is a whose who of who for the most part. Kyrie Irving being the exception of course.

I can't think that David Stern sat back and watched that epic bore of a dunk contest and wasn't thinking about scraping that or revamping it. But really how can you revamp a dunk contest. I give some of the competitors kudos for trying to come up with new gadgets and ideas but seriously it isn't good tv or any good to watch  someone attempt to dunk 2 basketballs in like 12 tries and have time delayed cause he needs to cut off the net attempting to do a dunk that is  ho hum to start. It was just a brutal display. I don't even think Lebron and Kobe could save this mess.

To me the concept has run it's course. What it is replaced with or if it is matters not to me. I just don't believe that the "crown jewel" of the night should be a contest that nobody cares about and is boring as all get up!