Nice to see the New York Yankees have joined the speech police. The Yanks have suspended hall of famer Reggie Jackson for giving his opinion on steroid cheat Alex Rodriguez, other steroid cheats and being blunt.

Jackson who is currently an 'ambassador" for the ball club told Sports Illustrated that in his opinion Alex Rodriguez and all over steroid cheats stats should be questioned and that all of the roid cheats stats are "clouded". Another words IMO Reggie was honest and was right on the money.

Mr. October as he was known during his hall of fame career was also critical of the hall of fame inducting in his opinion too many players. He singles out Gary Carter, Kirby Puckett and Bert Blyleven and a few others. However this is not what landed Jackson in hot water with his employer that being the Yankees. Jackson works with the Yanks during spring training and attends a number of games as a sound board and instructor and ambassador. His suspension is for an "indefinite period of time" but as of now Jackson has not been fired-Just muzzled.

My opinion- I find this suspension by the Yanks to be galling. Yes he is an employee but it is amazing how a hall of famer isn't allowed his opinion of those that smeared the game. Interesting that Jackson was suspended for talking about roid cheats yet the cheats themselves, and the Yanks have had many were not suspended for even 1 day.

In regards to Jackson- I find it disappointing that he "apologized" to Rodriguez right after the comments came out. No need to apologize.

In the interview Jackson said many hall of famers would not attend the induction ceremonies if any known roid cheat were in fact inducted. He didn't mention any of the greats by name so he may have been speaking assuming they would not attend. I find it shameful that more hall of famers haven't spoken out harshly about these cheats.

In his comments to SI the man who was the self proclaimed "straw that stirred the drink" of the combative Yankee clubs in the 70's Reggie claimed that the real home run leader  is Hank Aaron and not roid cheat Barry Bonds and that the numbers of the cheats don't hold up with the fans. I must say Reggie they do when you back off your justified slamming of these low life cheaters. Reggie lastly said that Roger Clemens should get in based on his recent  trial and being found innocent. I disagree as Clemens trial was not even about whether he did or didn't cheat but it was about obstruction of justice and perjury.

Outside of Jackson's original comments I find this whole thing to be very disturbing. From Reggie apologizing for being honest, to his backing off the comments and now the cherry of all the Yankees putting a muzzle on the hall of famer. A very sad what seems to be conclusion of this recent steroid discussion.