Russell Martin hit a go-ahead 3-run home run in the 4th inning to give the Yankees the lead for good as they win 5-2. Jorge Posada also kept up his hot hitting as he hit a solo shot as well in the game, which had to be reviewed. AJ Burnett pitched 7 strong innings, and gave the ball to a strong David Robertson and Mariano Rivera to close out the game and seal the victory.

What challenges face the Bronx Bombers down the road? Should Yankee fans still be concerned despite the wins?

While the Yankees are rolling in interleague play as they at least have won the series against the Brew Crew and go for the sweep, the Yankees still have to yield caution to their issues. Even though AJ Burnett was strong tonight, it's tough to expect that down the road. Yankees also have to be concerned about their starting rotation, while Colon and Hughes are close to returning, it's tough to depend on those players to stack up against other starters in the league.

The Yankees and Brian Cashman need to continue to address the starting rotation and add depth. If it means giving up valuable prospects, the Yankees need to deal for a #1 or #2 type starter. Yes, CC can match up against any other pitcher. But as of right now you're matching up Burnett or Hughes or Nova against another #2 starter. For example, none of those Yankees could match up against a Cliff Lee, who is the #2 guy for the Phillies, nor could they match up against Jon Lester, who is the #2 man for the Red Sox. The Yankees are in desperate needs for a starter, and speaking of desperate, they have acquired Sergio Mitre!

After the Brewers the Yankees face the Mets at Citi Field before traveling to Cleveland. The Yankees cannot take the Mets lightly as they are playing very good baseball as of late!