The retirement of Shaq this week gave allot haters a shy of relief, but the BIG HURT isn’t done yet. Not by a long shot.

Shaq used his twitter account this week to hint at a future move for the certain hall of fame big man.  He hinted on his Tout account that “ he was just talking to his agent about a network that wanted to higher him on, and then hummed the ESPN sports center theme”.

Wow this would be amazing, Kenny Mayne better watch his back because the “BIG FUNNY” and the “BIG ANALYST” may be on his way to Connecticut.  His potential is limitless, if Keyshawn Johnson can keep a job for a few years behind  the desk Shaq is going to be the next Chris Berman.

I hope this is true, and I will love  Basketball tonight or what ever else he host while is on the mothership.