A .273 hitter with only two home runs and 23 RBI's should not be starting the All-Star game.  Surely, someone out there is more deserving - perhaps a .286 hitter with eight home runs and 41 RBI's.

Which is why some have said that Derek Jeter, the .273 hitter, doesn't deserve the honor  just bestowed upon him, starting short stop of the AL All-Star team - why most would rather have seen Alexei Ramirez in that spot.

Especially if the game matters, if home field advantage for the World Series is really on the line.  With something at stake, supporters of Ramirez's claim to the starting spot would say, Major League Baseball should be playing the best, not throwing a farewell party.

What do you think?  Should Derek Jeter be starting the All-Star game?  Is the party bigger than the game?  Comment below and let us know.