This is a very interesting video.  Various college basketball coaches have strikingly different views when it comes to their players using social media.

It's really interesting to hear about the differing views that these college basketball coaches have regarding social media.  Jim Boeheim essentially makes a joke of the question.  He says that he's not familiar with social media and doesn't even have a computer.  That's hard to believe.  I seriously doubt that Boeheim doesn't even have own a computer and doesn't even know about social media.

The most interesting point is made by TCU head coach Jim Christian (2:18 mark).  "I think that as opposed to just restricting them, sometimes they have to make bad decisions in order to learn."  Amen, Jim.  Coaches like Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer (who has banned his players from using Twitter) are failing to teach their players.  They are simply protecting the image of the university.  Is that helping the players grow?  Nope.

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