Last season NY Giants fans gave me hell for being "unsympathetic" to the team because of injuries. Now injuries have been the fate of the New York Jets and, again, I think there should be no excuses. You go to battle with the army you have, not the army you want.

The Jets may be wrecked with injuries. Between Darrelle Revis, and now Santonio Holmes, you could make the case the Jets have lost their best defensive player and offensive player. As a Jets fan I will make no excuses. If you are good enough to play in the NFL you should be expected to produce, otherwise anyone could do it.

My view is unless your quarterback is hurt or your offensive line is all banged up then injuries are not valid excuses. The Jets have enough depth to overcome, even if their backups aren't as good as the front line starters. The Jets have plenty of injuries but they aren't playing poorly because of injuries.

While I am on the Jets, this talk of Tim Tebow is laughable. It's only four games into the season and already the trouble making media is talking to replace Mark Sanchez. The Jets have to have Mark Sanchez step up his game.

I said this was the most critical season for Sanchez. I meant the whole season. The Jets made a big mistake giving him that contract extension. He has been solid, but not what the Jets need him to be to get them to the next level. So far, save for the Buffalo opener, he has been awful.

Yet replacing him with Tebow won't work. I love Tebow, but he is best used as a specialty player not a full time QB. He has skills, in my view, that are best served by being an all-around player not just as QB. The throwing issues are a problem in a league whose best teams throw the ball all the time. It would help Sanchez if the ground game was producing.

I have had it, frankly, with Shonn Green. Sorry, Shonn, but 40 yards per game is lousy. And the defense isn't playing well either. The Jets defense is last in third down defense and they are at the bottom of the league again in sacks.

The coaching has been nothing special either, especially in the Miami game. So for those that do excuses, you can use injuries if you like. The Jets are in trouble because their healthy players have been brutal, especially on defense.