Usually you hear about players being traded between two teams for other players or cash. But there is a rare trade being discussed in the Windy City.

Find out if Ozzie Guillen has managed his last game in Chicago.

Multiple baseball sources, including the Chicago Sun-Times have cited direct sources of a trade that would send White Sox vocal manager Ozzie Guillen to the Florida Marlins. It is unclear what the White Sox would get in return, but this seems to certainly mark the end of Ozzie's tenure with the Chi Sox.

Guillen has made numerous comments about his future in Chicago and has had discussions with the White Sox GM about contract talks, but those talks seem to go nowhere and leave Guillen upset and left him speaking his mind to the media.

One source cited Guillen saying,

“I’m not expecting to be with the White Sox for the rest of my life because we win the stinking World Series, The year after, I said that. If they don’t think I belong here, they’ve got all the right to move on. I’ve said that a lot of times. Not because I win the World Series, oh he’s here for life. I’ve seen a lot of managers win the World Series and get their ass kicked a year later." - White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen - **

The Florida Marlins will begin 2012 in a new ballpark and with a new fresh beginning. Something that Ozzie Guillen would probably want himself, a ball club that has hit the reset button. Another fact that may prove this trade to be possible is that current manager Jack McKeon has announced that he will retire and not manage in 2012.

So as of right now, signs point in the direction of Guillen moving to south beach.

** Source courtsey of Joe Cowley of the Chicago SunTimes