Today, a match between the two most mismatched teams in soccer history may be happening in the FIFA Confederations Cup, as defending World Cup and European Cup champions Spain take on Tahiti, who may give up 100 goals today to the best team in the world.

Spain qualified for this year's Confederations Cup twice, technically, as the winners of the World Cup and European championship. As a result of their sweep of those tournaments, the European runners up, Italy, made the tournament to round out the field of eight.

Tahiti, meanwhile, took a much easier route to the Confederations Cup, winning the Oceania Nations Cup over soccer powerhouse New Caledonia, who knocked out the usual winner of the tournament in New Zealand before Tahiti had to deal with them.

They boast one professional player, who plays for a team in Greece, while the rest of the team are amateurs, many of whom have regular day jobs.

Tahiti, known as a vacation destination and not much else, played a warm up game for the Confederations Cup against the Chile Under-20 team. They lost that match 7-0. In their first match of the tournament, they lost to Nigeria 6-1, despite the fact that Nigeria arrived to Brazil for the competition only just before the day of the game. God only knows what Spain will do to them, even if Spain decides to play their reserves.

Right now, sports book Bet365 has Spain as an eight goal favorite in the match. That may easy money for those who wager on the Spaniards. The match starts at 3:00 p.m. today.